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Jan 29, 2020

Tania Mushtaq, Head of Marketing of Dell Boomi Asia Pacific and Japan, on How to Produce a Customer-Centric Event to Evangelize Your Brand: Marketing Scoop Podcast by SEMrush

Today we are spotlighting Tania Mushtaq of Dell Boomi. The intelligent, flexible, and scalable Boomi platform unites your digital ecosystem to accelerate business outcomes. She discussed the core principles of producing a meaningful event for your brand that leads to higher customer retention and referrals. “Marketing is B to Me”.

Key Principles:

- Right Content.

- Right People to deliver that content.

- Right Place. The location needs to be accessible.

- Set Expectations. Do not over promise and underdeliver.

Marketing Scoop Podcast by SEMrush is a production.

Host, Espree Devora

Guest, Tania Mushtaq of Dell Boomi


Produced by SEMrush and * Hosted by Espree Devora* Story produced, Edited and Mastered by Adam Carroll * Shownotes by Karl Marty * Team Support by Janice Geronimo * music by Epidemic Sound